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Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence, as per section 498A, Domestic Violence Act 2005 of the Indian Penal Code is described as:

Habitual assaults, including making life miserable using cruelty or wrong conduct (physical ill-treatment or not)
Forced immoral life for distressed person
Injuries/physical ailments due to domestic violence.

The main purpose is protection of wife or female live-in partner by husband/partner/relatives. We can help you file for a case under this section, with our specialized services helping women in distress.

Domestic violence Act has approach into force with object of expeditious removal of the claim of women who are victim of domestic violence. Domestic violence complaint is filed in the Court of Magistrate who is authorized to pass orders. Domestic violence has moved toward in to force with objective of as long as monetary justice and independence to women victim of domestic violence.

Domestic violence law purposely provides the right to habitation. Right to residence includes in shelter in the common house hold irrespective of fact whether wife has right, name or notice over the property/residence. This specific provision is put in in Domestic Violence law to take into custody the threat of abandoning the woman and children, if any, without crown and shelter in case of matrimonial disputes.